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SensoNana Nurturing Newborns


Your baby was born with all five senses, although some are more developed than others. This sensory class for nurturing newborns to 6 months is designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious bonding experiences during the all-important first months of life. It is also designed to support new mothers learning to cope with the pressures of being a first-time parent.

  • Helps you become a responsive parent, attuned to your baby’s cues
  • Enhances your baby’s self-awareness and awareness of the world
  • Offers mum-to-mum support so you can form new friendships
  • Introduces local experts talking about other services on offer to parents


This class will introduce your baby to exciting sights like bubbles and lights plus various sounds through singing and the use of instruments. Elements of massage, baby yoga, sign language, story telling and more will also be included. This is a great opportunity for new mamas to get out of the house to meet others, get advice, and make new friendships.

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2019 Pricing

Punch Cards

5-Class Pass: P225

Class Drop-In

P50 per class.

Class Schedule

SensoNana runs in regularly scheduled courses
at the REWA Education Centre, Plot 10289 Leopard Road in Maru-A-Pula.

Click here to view the complete schedule of classes and special events.

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What The Parents Say

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Meet Our Team

SensoBaby is founded and run by four mums with different backgrounds
and a shared passion for seeing children develop to their full potential through play.

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