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This term we have had a new friendly face at SensoBaby. Dignity joined our team before the winter break and hit the ground running!

As a new mother herself, SensoBaby has been a perfect fit for Dignity. She’s been able to apply her new-found knowledge at home as she plays with her one year old daughter.

Dignity has already embraced our voluntary projects as well and headed up SensoBaby’s involvement in the Childhood Cancer Party held at Northside School in September.

We chatted to Dignity about her role at SensoBaby and her experiences as a young mother.


What do you like about working for SensoBaby?

Experience in the best teacher and I’m learning every day. I love meeting all the parents and their little ones. I think it’s so important to understand babies and children and think with their minds, see the world like they do. I’ve worked at a preschool before and always loved babies but I really wanted to work with little ones after I’d had my own.

How have you found motherhood so far?

My daughter was born at 33 weeks which was a surprise and a challenge. As a first-time mum, it was tough. I knew I had to stay calm and do the best for my child. I quickly realised there is no formula for being a parent and you shouldn’t have expectations; children develop differently and in their own time. The responsibility is with me and I am always learning. I love my baby so much.

What are your future goals?

I’m really pleased about becoming part of the SensoBaby family and I’m excited to see how we grow and develop together. I’m really interested in Early Childhood Development and want to do more education and training. Eventually, I’d love to own my own preschool.


SensoBaby is privileged to have Dignity on board. We know she has a great career ahead of her!