CUPPA LOVE is a free event designed to bring mums together and experience for yourselves the positive effects of love and connection in our community.

This is part of an amazing global campaign that SensoBaby’s proud to be part of to promote the importance of bonding for babies, children, and parents. It’s called ‘Love Creates Love’ and is led by Blossom and Berry, the UK-based experts in baby massage.

Each month new and expectant parents gather together to learn about parenting, make new friends, share stories and experiences, and enjoy a break from everyday routines.

All parents and babies under one are welcome (come along if you are pregnant too). It’s totally free and brought to you with tea, cake and love.

Through these meet-ups we aim to create a sense of belonging for new mums. By building our adult connections and bonds our children learn the values of love, positivity and relaxation through us.

If you are interested in or would like to know more then contact us by emailing info@sensobaby.co.bw.


We’ve built a comforting & friendly hub where people from all backgrounds can support each other through parenting.


Caregivers will receive the tools to parent respectfully through holistic approaches that lead children to have happy, healthy lives.


Children and their parents can find happiness as they learn, uncover their future potential, and see the world in new ways.


Strengthen connections between you and your children while being a part of a caring & sharing community.


Let go of life’s stresses and laugh by being present in activities that are fun, energetic, and emotionally alive.


We’ll be worthy of your trust and be positive role models by always being professional in our thoughts, words and actions.