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Friendly Start Project


There are many new mums in need, and the Friendly Start Project aims to get them off to a loving and less stressful start. This volunteer-run program collects donations of gently used baby necessities and distributes them to families.

We accept donations of:

  • Clothing sized 0-12 months
  • Blankets, bedding, mattresses
  • Nappies, bath & body products
  • Bottles, pacifiers/dummies, etc
  • Toys, games, books


We believe that the only way new moms can teach their babies about love is if they’re feeling it themselves.

Members of the SensoBaby community donate their time and baby goods to lovingly share with new mums in need.

We put these together in baby boxes that may contain clothing, blankets, toys and books, or other items based on the generosity of our donors.

Friendly Start Project Details

How To Help

Donations will be gratefully received at SensoBaby on Wednesdays or Saturdays between 8am and 12pm. It wouldn’t be responsible of us to distribute any items that are broken or appear unsafe, so please make sure your donations are clean and in good condition.


Pula is also gratefully received. Any cash donations you provide will go towards purchasing diapers and wipes for families.


If you’d like to donate your time to help, please email us at info@sensobaby.co.bw and we will send you the upcoming sorting, packing, and meeting dates.

Get Help

Referrals will be accepted from health care professionals (i.e. doctors, social workers, and shelters). If you are a family in need, speak with a care provider and direct them to our website. They’ll be able to contact us to nominate you and access donations on your behalf.


If you know of a family in need, you can nominate them by filling out an application form at SensoBaby.

Where To Donate Baby Goods

SensoBaby @ REWA Education Centre
Plot 10289 Leopard Road, Maru-A-Pula

The HoneyComb Hub
Opposite Acacia Mall

Ultimate CycleBase Botswana
Sebele Shoppong Centre

The Finishing Touch
Fairgrounds Mall

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