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SensoBaba Baby Sensory Class


At this stage of development, your baby is an intrepid explorer: they love to experiment with their environment, seek new sensations and test their new found knowledge through repetition. Babies engage with the world through their senses, and introducing them to new smells, tastes, textures and experiences stimulates their baby sensory development.

  • Develops fine & gross motor skills
  • Stimulates overall sensory profile of your baby
  • Introduces early language skills and strengthens communication
  • Develops social and cognitive skills
  • Encourages a sense of self & independence


The SensoBaba baby sensory development class incorporates a whole range of activities to stimulate their senses, from songs and music to messy play and art. Baby Sign will be incorporated to enhance communication between you and your child and there will be opportunities for action play that allows your child to explore their own sense of balance, motion and coordination.

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2019 Pricing

Termly Course Registration

P600 for a 10 week term. Terms run three times per calendar year.
Siblings registering for a SensoBaby course for the same term save 50%.

With your term registration for this SensoBaby course, your child will receive free access to all Pop-Up Play sessions and Saturday classes.

You’ll also be entitled to Member Benefits offering valuable discounts around town!

Punch Cards

5-Class Pass: P325

Punch cards can be used between siblings and for any SensoBaby class (excludes partner programs).

Class Schedule

SensoBaba is held on Tuesdays from 9-10am and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30am
at the REWA Education Centre, Plot 10289 Leopard Road in Maru-A-Pula.

Click here to view the complete schedule of classes and special events.

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What The Parents Say

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Meet Our Team

SensoBaby is founded and run by four mums with different backgrounds
and a shared passion for seeing children develop to their full potential through play.

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