In SensoReaders, we will build a multi-sensory toolkit with your child to build the foundation for reading success. Our programme focuses on cognitive strategies, games and playful learning tools that use a phonics and blended approach to learning to read.

Key benefits:

  • Reading strategies to improve letter and word recognition
  • Developing comprehension
  • Helping you and your child to develop a ‘multi-sensory reading toolkit’
  • Exposure to stories from around the world, building awareness, empathy, compassion and a love of books.


Exceptional books from around the world will be featured to inspire little bookworms, giving them wings and raising your little one from an emerging reader to an independent reader.

This programme is designed for children in Reception and Standard 1 and is taught by Priyanka Handa Ram, who’s not only a teacher and Early Years Education Specialist but also a published children’s book author.

Term 1 2018 Pricing

SensoReaders is P650 per child for the full course.
(8 hours over 8 weeks).
This course counts as ‘SensoBaby Membership’ and includes:
Discounts on any SensoBaby workshops and events,
Member Benefits discounts at participating retailers in town.

Class Schedule

Starting Thursday 15th February for 8 weeks
From 2.15 – 3.15pm


We’ve built a comforting & friendly hub where people from all backgrounds can support each other through parenting.


Caregivers will receive the tools to parent respectfully through holistic approaches that lead children to have happy, healthy lives.


Children and their parents can find happiness as they learn, uncover their future potential, and see the world in new ways.


Strengthen connections between you and your children while being a part of a caring & sharing community.


Let go of life’s stresses and laugh by being present in activities that are fun, energetic, and emotionally alive.


We’ll be worthy of your trust and be positive role models by always being professional in our thoughts, words and actions.