Fehmida is an Early Childhood Developer, currently teaching at REWA Little Einsteins in Maruapula whilst raising her three amazing children. Her passion is working with children between the age of 0-4 as she believes that instilling positive values in children comes from a very tender age.

During her time with the children she encourages confidence building and works on it with much dedication. Her motherly nature and holistic approach towards infants and toddlers makes her highly compatible to the environment she’ll be sharing at SensoBaby.

Fehmida truly believes sensory play nurtures sight, touch and the other senses through different experiences. Exposing babies and toddlers to a variety of activities will develop their motor skills, vocabulary and language. Fehmida will be working with older children to develop a stronger and well balanced posture to prepare them for school.

She’s very much looking forward to working with the children and sharing experiences and knowledge through SensoBaby.