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Cuppa Love coffee mornings for new and expectant parents are part of a global campaign called ‘Love Creates Love’, designed by UK baby massage experts Blossom & Berry. They take place on the first Friday of each month.

The intent of these mornings is to show parents a bit of love; to give them a happy break from their regular routine and a chance to connect with other parents in the same situation. If parents are feeling loved within their community and relationships then they’re far better able to teach their children about love by being a positive example.

For the past few months, we’d had the good fortune to have a guest visitor joining us at Cuppa Love coffee mornings, giving our mums free hand massages. Florence from Strawberry Boutique Beauty Salon has been extremely kind and generous in donating her time to the SensoBaby community, so we wanted to take a moment and introduce her a bit more. Here’s what Flo had to say.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been in Gaborone?

My name is Florence Togara. I’m originally from Zimbabwe and I’ve been in Botswana for 6 years, but that included a time away that brought me back to Gaborone in June. I’m a beauty therapist that’s been practicing for over 15 years and I’ve worked both locally and internationally. I do all services including massages, waxing, facials, and pedicures. My favourite would be to do massages.

What do you do? What gets you up and out of bed each day?

I’m very passionate about what I do. My motivation comes from the feel that people get after a beauty treatment. I am big on therapeutic treatments and when people come in feeling tense or a bit down, it’s great seeing them leave feeling like a million bucks. I want everyone to experience that. I love it. And the positive feedback I get from people makes it all worthwhile. Maybe I should be called a Happiness Therapist?!

Do you have kids or spend time with kids?

I have two teenage kids, a girl and a boy. They’re my best friends. We spend a lot of time together doing activities and going out. But you know how teenage kids are… they never let you into their space too much! Its on their terms. They like to do their own things too, right? Just as we did.

What attracted you to help with SensoBaby?

It was how Jennifer asked me. Once I was there, I was hooked. I feel good after being there, interacting with the mums and the babies. And it puts me back to being in touch with babies, since my kids are grown. They always smile and are happy to see you; they have such a warm energy and it makes me feel good to be around them.

What has been your biggest success so far? What are you most proud of?

I used to run my own business here in Botswana, called Pure Beauty Spa. To have built it up from scratch and made it a success was amazing. I sold it before I left for Zimbabwe, which was a great move for me and my life at that time. I’m most proud that I can say that I did that! I built and sold a successful business.

What do you love most about life?

My children, travel, and I enjoy yoga and meditation. Plus a good drink with friends!

Now that you have seen a bit of what SensoBaby does… what do you want to get out of this relationship?

I’d like to help SensoBaby show mums how crucial it is for them to take care of themselves. Self care is so important. Sometimes you don’t even realise you need this pampering until after the treatment, when your body says, “Oh I needed this.” I’d like to see more SensoBaby members take advantage of their discount at Strawberry Boutique Beauty Salon (where SensoBaby members save 10%.)

Can you share with us a funny story about your own childhood?

Like most kids, I believed in [a big guy in a red suit*] and didn’t learn the truth until I was much older than most children. I actually believed in him until I was 14 or 15 years old. I was in high school and had an argument about it with someone. It was a bit embarrassing actually. So I believe as a parent that we need to be genuine with our kids at an appropriate time, and not leave them thinking about lies too late in life.

* SensoBaby doesn’t want to throw around any spoilers!