SensoBaby’s third term of 2017 started last week with a sensory smorgasbord of water play, bubbles, peppermint, play dough, toothpaste and rubber ducks.

Each term in SensoBaby we base our classes around different themes and this term we are exploring our routines, home and community. There was no better place to start than in the bathroom where our SensoBabas and SensoMinis could explore familiar routines as well as new experiences.


Our Activities

Water play was the highlight for our little ones. From our Babas to our Tots, children will always be drawn to water and it’s one of the easiest activities you can set out for them! They poured, scooped, splashed and experimented with our magic bubble play dough.

The tiny babies were captivated by the bubbles and loved exploring our heuristic treasure baskets.

Bubble painting, toothbrush play, puppets and soft play were also on the agenda in our sessions.


Child Development

There are so many benefits to simple water play:

  • Children can work on their fine and gross motor skills as they lean over the bowl or water table, splash and play with the toys.
  • They have opportunity to develop their social and emotional development as they work out how to share the space and toys, deal with unwanted splashes and transition out of the activity.
  • They increase their knowledge and understanding of the world as they anticipate sights, sounds and sensations associated with the water.
  • The water play stimulates the senses of touch, sight, sound and smell.


A Recipe for Play

At SensoBaby we enjoy trying new things and since we’re passionate about play, making and creating resources is part of the fun. We tried a new playdough recipe. A bubble bath playdough that our Minis could play with in the water bowl. It was simple, cheap and effective and the response from our children was fantastic.

Mix 1 tsp of coconut oil, ½ cup of bubble bath and add cornflour until the mixture becomes hard like a dough (about 1 cup). You have a beautifully scented, smooth textured dough to play with and wash with!

Why not try making some at home for bathtime fun?! Let us know how you get on!

We can’t take full credit for this idea, we found the recipe online at the family friendly site Steam Powered Family, so thought we’d give it a go.


Join Us!

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