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About Caroline Gartland

Caroline holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health and is passionate about wellness and helping others achieve their full potential. Having previously supported families, adolescents and children in settings such as hospitals, prisons, refuges and in the community; Caroline now loves focusing her attention on the Under 4’s and their families.

Community Stories: Kuda

SensoBaby was born because our three directors had one common goal: to build a community. To be specific, we wanted to create the kind of community we yearned for when our first children were born. We missed the opportunity to connect with other parents, meet new people who had babies and young chil

Building Connections And Creating Community

SensoBaby Building Connections for Kids
This year we’ve focused on building connections in our classes through the themes and activities on offer. We explored Botswana and its culture in Term 1. We looked at the ways we connect to our community with themes such as ‘family’ and ‘community helpers’ in Term 2. Term 3 will look at t