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Welcome to SensoBaby 2019! The new term of Learn-Through-Play classes begins on Monday 21 January.

SensoBaby classes are more than just a ‘nice thing to do’ with your baby or toddler. The curriculum has been designed by professionals to support your child’s development and scaffold the skills they will need in later life.

Our classes include music, messy play, art, craft, imaginative play, outdoor play and social interaction. We follow the holistic ‘Rainbow Play’ approach developed by two of our directors and we are excited to reveal more about this in 2019.

This term we are focusing on ‘schemas’. Patterns of behaviour that reflect pathways for learning in the brain. Each class will centre around a common schema and provide activities and ideas on how to recognise and support this stage of development. Look out for more information on this topic as we’ll be posting regularly to keep you informed about child development.

We know that play is important for children. When you begin to understand the processes of play, you can help your child to thrive.


Our Term 1 2019 Class Schedule is:

Monday 9-9:30am:  MonkeyNastix for walkers 12m+
Tuesday 9-10am:  SensoBaby for all under 3’s
Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm: Little Explorers (scheduled weeks only)
Wednesday 9-10am:  SensoMini for walkers 18m-3yrs
Wednesday 10:30-11:30am:  SensoBaba for babies 4-18m
Thursday 9-9:30am:  SensoMusic with Cedric for all under 3’s

SensoNana for newborn nurturing and CUPPA LOVE coffee mornings will run monthly.

To register your child for any of the classes listed here, send us an email or join us at our Term Kick-Start Party.

Want to learn more about each class? Here’s an introduction to help you decide what might be best for you and your child.



First Friday of the month from 9:30-10am
Newborns up to 6m, or those new to SensoBaby

Your baby was born with all five senses, although some are more developed than others. This sensory class for nurturing newborns to 6 months is designed to stimulate, educate and provide precious bonding experiences during the all-important first months of life.

SensoNana is also designed to support new mothers learning to cope with the pressures of being a first-time parent. This is a chance for new mamas to get out of the house to meet others, get advice, and make new friendships.



Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am
Babies 4-18m

Babies engage with the world through their senses, and introducing them to new smells, tastes, textures and experiences stimulates their baby brain development. SensoBaba is the ideal class for little babies to experiment with their environment and learn through play.

The SensoBaba baby sensory class incorporates a whole range of activities, from songs and music to messy play and art. It’s developed to holistically help your baby learn through play. They’ll thrive through activities that build their cognitive skills, early language skills, fine and gross motor skills like balance and coordination, and social profile.




Wednesdays 9-10am
Walking toddlers 18m-3yrs

SensoMinis are full of energy and filled with wonder. To cultivate their curiosity, we have designed a programme that allows toddlers to engage with their learning using their whole bodies. Through music and songs, action play, stories, art and sensory games these little scientists will learn while playing.

They’ll engage with you (or their caregiver) so you’re sharing special time together, and they’ll also learn to play alongside and with others. This is an important time to focus on developing their social and emotional skills, and our classes are designed to support that.


Little Explorers

SensoTot Little Explorers

Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 – see schedule!
Tots from 2-6 depending on activity

Our bigger kids, like those in preschool, are used to playing with others and are busy learning so much already. To cultivate their curiosity and break out of their usual routines, we have designed a new programme that allows kids to learn while engaging with their community.

We will build on pre-school readiness activities, but we’ll do it in cool places around Gaborone. Activities include exploring shapes on a nature lovers adventure, visiting traffic school to learn about safety, learning about compassion through animal care, and exploring kitchen flavours and activities.




Thursdays 9-9:30am
Babies & toddlers up to 3ish

SensoMusic with Cedric is one of the noisiest but most fun classes of the week. With his guitar and a selection of instruments for the kids to explore this class will teach your little ones (and you!) about rhythm and foster their love of music.

Children learn through repetition. Songs and nursery rhymes form the basis of language development. So this class isn’t just about music appreciation but about developing social and cognitive skills. And it’s also great fun!




Mondays 9 – 9:30am
Walking toddlers 12m+

Monkeynastix is Botswana’s beloved gymnastics programme for young children. Mostly offered in nursery schools, our class gives pre-nursery kids the chance to develop their gross motor skills, strength, agility and speed – – while burning off some toddler energy.

Each class starts with a warm-up circle time before a circuit of fun physical activities is set out. The programme is FUN, non-competitive, builds self-confidence and a positive self-image and focus on long-term motivation for a healthy & active lifestyle.

The Monkeynastix program is inspired by children and our vision is to see all the children of the world fit, co-ordinated, confident and happy!


cuppa love


First Friday of each month from 10-11am
For parents!

CUPPA LOVE is a free event designed to bring mums together and experience for yourselves the positive effects of love and connection in our community.

You are your baby’s first teacher and through you he/she learns about emotions, feelings and social interaction. But sometimes it can be difficult to share love if you are not feeling it for yourself right now.

Through these meet-ups we aim to create a sense of belonging for new mums. By building our adult connections and bonds our children learn the values of love, positivity and relaxation through us.


This year, our focus is to focus on how we can collectively ‘Thrive’ – help our children to thrive developmentally and emotionally, as parents or caregivers, as as part of a community. To learn more about our theme for the year click here.

We can’t wait to see you and your little one, or meet you for the first time, at one of our upcoming classes!