Building Connections And Creating Community

SensoBaby Building Connections for Kids
This year we’ve focused on building connections in our classes through the themes and activities on offer. We explored Botswana and its culture in Term 1. We looked at the ways we connect to our community with themes such as ‘family’ and ‘community helpers’ in Term 2. Term 3 will look at t

SensoBaby’s Ultimate Baby Bundle

ultimate baby bundle giveaway
Hi and happy 2018! A new month and a new year calls for a new batch of giveaways. Our first of 2018 is designed to celebrate new beginnings… and for pregnant mums-to-be, a new life. So if you’re expecting a baby, keep reading! SensoBaby wants to help you become a confident, responsive, h

Happy 2nd Birthday SensoBaby!

This month, SensoBaby celebrated its second birthday. Just over two years ago, ideas were forming over coffee. As new parents, we’d faced challenges in finding baby groups, new friendships and support. Brought together by a Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) Course at REWA, our directors met and

Term 2 Updates

Term 2 Updates
Hello, SensoMamas! This month has had us reflecting on how SensoBaby can best serve the community whilst taking care of our own families. Caroline will be in the UK throughout May and will be returning as Priyanka heads off on maternity leave. Jennifer will be leading classes. Though we aren’t