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Babies can inspire us to love, laugh, be creative, see the world with wonder and enjoy their journey through development. However, raising a child is not without its challenges and frustration is a common feeling experienced by many parents and carers. One of the most common causes of this frustration is being unable to understand what your little one is communicating; what do they want and what do they need? Enter Baby Sign. 

Teaching your baby simple signs helps you to communicate and meet their needs before they develop the ability to speak. Constant repetition helps your little ones associate a sign with an action, need or solution and it doesn’t take long before they can understand you and start signing back. This is empowering for both infant and caregiver and can feel like a huge achievement for you both.

Even teaching how to say simple signs like ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘food’, and ‘sleep’ will help you understand what your baby’s needs are, thus strengthening your relationship. But that’s a very simple understanding of the benefits…

Baby Sign has been associated with many benefits including cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, enhanced language development and even improved IQ later in life. Sounds impressive! The science behind a lot of these advantages comes down to the quality time the caregiver spends with their infant whilst engaging in Baby Sign: important words are repeated, visual attention is increased and the caregiver spends time looking for meaning in their child’s communication which strengthens bonding and understanding. Since babies and toddlers explore the world around them using their senses, Baby Sign makes sense as they are able to experience language as tactile, kinaesthetic and visual, giving them a great head start in development.

If you want to give Baby Sign a try, come along to a SensoNana or SensoBaba class and begin to learn the basics through song, play and activities. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to learn!