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Like the rest of the world, at SensoBaby we couldn’t predict the tears, triumphs and challenges that 2020 would bring. After a successful solo start in Term 1, the Global Pandemic hit and all my plans were swiftly shelved.

Lockdown made space for time to reflect, re-organise and re-evaluate. Deciding that parenting and play is more fun when you do it with a friend, I invited Cheralize to join the team and she became co-director in July. With all these changes, we felt it would be a perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit; to study, research and redesign SensoBaby in a way that would offer the best to the families we support.

COVID-19 restrictions have had some perks. It meant we were able to access more international learning online, engage a wider community and collaborate with more professionals in Botswana. With the borders closed, lots of families were able to take advantage of the heavily discounted offers around the country and explore the beauty of Botswana in a way they hadn’t before.

One of the reasons I have made Botswana my home for over a decade is my absolute love of animals and the joy I get from doing a safari: from a drive around the Game Reserve to exploring the world renowned National Parks.

We’ve been inspired by the animals of Botswana to develop our new SensoSafari Approach which will be woven into all our classes, workshops, training and play packs. We’re so excited to put our plans into action but first let me tell you a little bit about why this approach resonated.

Parenting and Safari

Why have we picked safari as an approach? Parenting is a little bit like being on safari. Seriously, bear with me….!

  • The road is bumpy and unpredictable
  • There are no clear routes or directions
  • There are a lot of early mornings!
  • You have to be patient
  • Sometimes you feel disappointed or tired.
  • But sometimes you feel something so special you can’t quite describe it.
  • Time feels different and the small moments matter.
  • It is often when you are quiet, still and calm that you see the magic appear.
  • You see nature at it’s best: the highs, the lows, the injustices and the triumphs.
  • The animals can be wild, unpredictable, cute, beautiful, enchanting and fascinating.

So, grab your hat, binoculars and water bottles and let’s go on this safari together.

We’ve got you, let’s enjoy the journey.

Caroline x