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This month, SensoBaby celebrated its second birthday. Just over two years ago, ideas were forming over coffee. As new parents, we’d faced challenges in finding baby groups, new friendships and support. Brought together by a Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) Course at REWA, our directors met and discussed their ideas. Those seeds of thought quickly bloomed and blossomed into the thriving business we have today.

Our aim was to create a community and become a hub for new parents and families with children under five. We have a long way to go but have achieved so much towards this goal.

We celebrated at the weekend with a party for our clients and stakeholders. Cake, popcorn, music and messy play, all made for a lovely morning with some great people who have supported us in our journey. We are truly grateful for our community.

Our Achievements

SensoBaby offers developmentally appropriate play classes for infants and young children. Our classes are popular and have received fantastic feedback. We are continually adding new opportunities to our weekly schedule.

We are always trying out new ideas, researching best practice, consulting with experts and striving to bring quality experiences to our clients and their families.

With over 26 languages spoken in SensoBaby, we have cultured a unique and diverse community. SensoBaby classes are where you can find the support, friendship or community you are searching for.

Our Cuppa Love initiative has been a sanctuary for new and expectant mothers. A free coffee morning to show a little love to our community and demonstrate how much we value you.

Sell it Mama has been a fantastic, well received event in our calendar year. Held every six months, we provide a platform for parents to sell their gently used baby and children’s items and showcase local businesses and enterprises. Our next one is scheduled for 7th October so don’t miss out!

New Initiatives

The SensoBaby ‘Friendly Start Programme’ has already been met with outstanding support. The community has shown their generosity through offers of time and resources. We know there are so many families who are struggling and we hope to be able to provide care packages to those in need. This gives vulnerable families a boost: not just financially but emotionally as we show them that a community cares about them and their baby. We’re excited to see this project grow!

There will be a focus on training during our third year. Our Nanny Trainings were met with such positive feedback that we are developing new opportunities, bringing on consultants and sharing expertise with you and your loved ones to make your parenting journey easier.

As a newly listed centre for Infant Mental Health, we’ll be looking for ways in which we can work with organisations to sensitise more people to the needs of our next generation. We’re collaborating with new projects, new partners and working to support our babies and their families.

This term, we launch a new charitable partnership with Childline Botswana. Our staff will be liaising with their place of safety to support the children living in their refuge. We’ll be coaching the house mothers, raising funds and bringing sensory stimulation classes to infants who are most at risk.

The Future of SensoBaby

We’d like to thank everyone who has been part our journey so far. It’s been a privilege to see your children grow from newborns to the thriving, entertaining, joyful little people they become. Thank you for letting us in on the ride. We strive to nurture the fun and wonder of family, and we are only doing it with your support.

The future is bright, the future is busy, and we can’t wait to see what our third year has on store for us!