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SensoBaby was born because our three directors had one common goal: to build a community.

To be specific, we wanted to create the kind of community we yearned for when our first children were born. We missed the opportunity to connect with other parents, meet new people who had babies and young children and ask for advice and support through local platforms.

Nearly four years later and SensoBaby has a thriving community of wonderful individuals. Baby groups and friendships have developed, voluntary projects have taken wing, parents and experts are willing to share their knowledge and we continue to be excited and inspired by meeting new people every term

It’s about time we shared some of the wonderful stories we hear in the community. Stories of hope, travel, resilience, reinvention, strength and playfulness.

Each week we see parents doing an amazing job and giving their children the best possible start in life they can.

Everybody has a story……and we want to hear it!


Our first story is one about the power of positivity. It’s a tough one to hear or read about but Kuda talks openly about the loss of her first child and does so with a smile on her face as she remembers her son.

Stillbirth and infant loss are topics that are rarely covered in the media, rarely spoken about and very often shrouded in a veil of uncomfortable silence. People avoid the topic for fear of making others upset, or because they just don’t know what to say. We’ve come across many stories of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss, even within our relatively small community. Kuda’s message is that you are not alone and you can get through it.

Kuda was 32 weeks pregnant when she went into labour with her son. Her pregnancy had not been without complications but she didn’t instantly realise that something was wrong when she went into hospital after her waters broke. After monitoring and tests she received the heartbreaking news that her baby had already died.

Realising she still needed to deliver her son, Kuda called upon the strength she had from her faith and harnessed the power of prayer to keep her focused. She described using song to get through the labour. Her son, Nathaniel was born and she held him close, keeping the image of him ‘in her head and in her heart’.

She describes the weeks that followed as being a blur. She received great support from the church and began to see how powerful a community could be. In her words “the enemy has a door when you are alone”. She avoided isolation and sought strength in companionship and company. The people around her helped her get through the most difficult of times.

Although some days are harder than others, Kuda focuses on the positives and has an energy and optimism that is infectious.

Kuda and her daughter

This month, we want to celebrate Kuda and the mothers like her who have loved, lost and continue to find joy in life. Her smile is infectious and it’s a smile now shared by her baby girl.

Kuda has a beautiful, healthy daughter who arrived just over a year after Nathaniel’s death. They are regulars at Cuppa Love and she shares her story to inspire others to talk about their own losses and celebrate their strengths.


All parents are invited to our free Cuppa Love sessions held once a month in Gaborone. You can find details of them on our website. The sessions are part of a global movement called Love Creates Love and you can find out more about it here: https://www.blossomandberry.com/benefits-of-baby-massage/love-creates-love-campaign/

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